Advertise your offering in your free supplier profile

Additively gives you the opportunity to advertise your services to companies interested in 3D printing and additive manufacturing. Your supplier profile allows you to exactly specify what you offer.

Get to know the right customers

For many companies, Additively is the access point to 3D printing and additive manufacturing. We enable you to get to know potential new customers exactly looking for what you offer.

Based on your profile, we will invite you to requests for quotations of potential new customers. If you are interested to get to know the customer, you can provide a quotation against a small fee.

Once the customer knows you, he/she can request quotation directly from you, without any fees incurred.

Fill your profile in order to receive requests for quotations

Your benefits with Additively

  1. Acquire new customers: Many companies are currently looking for 3D printing suppliers!

  2. Fill spare capacity
  3. No commission or fix costs: Only pay a small fee in order to get to know potential new customers.
  4. No time consuming follow-ups after quotations: We manage the whole RFQ process for you in a timeline manner and make sure you get feedback.
  5. Don’t quote against a large number of service providers. Additively requests only at two more service providers
  6. Don’t waste time and money to reach customers looking for 3D printing technologies or materials you do not offer. We only forward you requests based on your profile.

How it exactly works:

You receive a request for quotation

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Max. 1 working day
You accept or decline the request

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Max. 1 working day
You provide a quotation

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Max. 7 working days
You get an order or receive feedback

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