Erhalten Sie Angebote von 3D-Druck Lieferanten. Kostenlos und ohne Aufwand

Get your parts in three easy steps

Upload your parts within few minutes

Get your parts in three easy steps

Sie erhalten Angebote von passenden Lieferanten

Get your parts in three easy steps

Compare quotations and order your parts

Die Additively Applikation gibt Ihnen einen “Single Point of Access” zu 3D-Druck und Additive Manufacturing

Ihre Vorteile mit der Additively Applikation:

  1. Sparen Sie Zeit: Die Additively Applikation macht das Einholen von Angeboten und Bestellen von Teilen einfach und schnell möglich
  2. Lernen Sie die richtigen Lieferanten kennen: Sofern erforderlich identifiziert Additively für Sie die geeignetsten Lieferanten aus unserem Netzwerk mit mehr als 300 Anbietern
  3. Verwenden Sie die richtige 3D-Druck-Technologie: Sofern erforderlich unterstützt Sie Additively, um die richtige 3D-Druck-Technologie und das richtige Material auszuwählen
  4. Nutzen Sie Additively kostenlos

What our customers say:

“With Additively, we have an easy way to evaluate how to realise our parts with 3D printing. We just post them and within shortest time, we know whether it is possible and how much it will cost us.”

Patrik Hoegger
Head of production development
Bühler AG

“Additively offers us a one-stop-shop for 3D printing. We post parts and within 24 hours have several quotations to choose from. All we have to do is order the parts.”

Manuel Baumann
Mechanical engineer
Esoro AG

“We would like to thank Additively and its team. With very little effort we received four competitive quotations for our parts. The price differences between the offers and the savings potential are surprisingly high.”

Marcel Spuler
Supply chain management
Agta Records

How the process exactly works:

You upload a request on Additively

Get your parts in three easy steps
1 – 3 working days

Additively takes care of:
  • Selection of the right 3D printing technology
  • Identification of the most suitable service providers out of more than 300 suppliers
You receive 3 quotations from suitable service providers

Get your parts in three easy steps
1 – 5 working days

You receive:
  • 3 qualified quotations
You clarify your questions directly with the service providers.
You order your parts

Get your parts in three easy steps

Let us know if you need our support to take the right decision.