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Equipment manufacturing

Customized mass production, functional design, enhanced energy and resource efficiency as well as shorter innovation cycles: these advantages of additive manufacturing are increasingly utilized in equipment manufacturing.

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Hoval Quick System

Hoval HomeVent®: Product efficiently put into series

For the HomeVent® application from Hoval, the previously used connection housing system should be re-engineered. Learn how Prototech was able to…

Final housing before assembling.

Control unit for a ballistic analysis system

Dimensional accuracy, high-quality surfaces and series quality with an annual quantity of 150-200 units are often a great challenge. Thanks to the…

For the series component (white) the number of lamellae was further reduced.

Grid holder for indoor climate solutions

In order to optimize the 2-component parts, the customer wanted to perform empirical tests on usability and functionality. The vacuum casting process…

The covercap produced with Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

Cost reduction through reverse engineering

The company Poly-Projekt GmbH faced the challenge in the production of cover plugs that a small number of pieces had excessive prices. Thanks to…

Second iteration with more parts than the first one, however better results ©3D Druck Tech AG

Optimized ball check valve for fluid filling system

A check valve permits a fluid to flow in one direction only. This application was selected for the Swiss AM Guide 18, as it demonstrates how an…

Complete FT-NMT03 Nanomechanical Testing System during measurement

Thin-walled cover for microforce sensor for nano-newtons

The component combines the strengths of additive manufacturing with the traditional post processing. Thin wall thickness, freedom of design, precise…

Functional prototype of vacuum cleaner

Motorised vacuum cleaner nozzle: Accurate in every detail

New development of a vacuum cleaner nozzle, which could already be thoroughly testet and optimised during the prototype phase. A distinct benefit of…

Chairless-chair in action

Lightweight parts for the chairless-chair

Load-bearing structure for a exoskeleton