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3D Chromos – Your Solution Provider for industrial AM

Ultra-Large-Scale Printing? Specific post-processing or technically complex plastics - designed according to your individual needs? Whatever you are looking for - our service range can help you.

We accompany you with reverse engineering and print for you on our FFF, SLS, SLA printers. On request, we can process and finish the surfaces of your printed objects by coating them with a wide variety of materials and technologies.

If you need a special printing material - we can advise you and provide you with testing material. If you do not yet have a 3D printing environment, we will print samples and your prototypes in our CHROMOS 3D Factory.

Contact us with your individual questions, put us to the test - we look forward to cooperating with you! We are happy to clarify your individual needs and support you in choosing the right solution for your AM project. 

Our services at a glance:

Universal 3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering und Quality Control, lightweight, practical and precise with Calibry 3D and Evixscan

Print real Big!
   ...industry giants BigRep FFF 3D printers, Delta WASP FFF and pellet printers

Produce fast and real working Prototypes
…with Desktop Sinterit SLS printers LISA and LISA PRO

High-precision Printing of filigrane details

...with DWS System SLA 3D Printer family

High quality filaments, powders, resins, inkjet

...large material range with standard materials and special technical materials on demand

10 Mio. Colours Printing 

...photorealistic coulored 3D objects with Mimaki 3D Printers

Maintenance, Service und Support

...repairs, spare parts, technical maintenance and support, service contracts









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