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3D Consulting, 3D Showroom, Sales, Training + Installation

Forming the next Dimension: We provide consulting, project planning, 3D printing, sales, installation, training, service around 3D printers and materials.

Convinced of the inexhaustible potential of the 3D world and the new possibilities it offers every day, we want to combine these technologies and the know-how that is constantly growing through research and development. We, this is, a cooperation between Chromos AG and Form AG. We offer more than 3D. We serve you during conception, with consulting or production incl. surface treatment up to the sale, training, service and maintenance of 3D hardware and software.

Chromos AG has been active as a trading company in the graphic arts industry for decades and accompanies you in your investment decision in the fascinating world of 3D - on we are developping the optimal solution for your business.

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