3D-printed demonstrator for industrial gas turbines

The next generation of gas turbines will be a real game changer - and additive technologies and their advantages are key to build more sustainable turbines. Learn more about how future industrial gas turbines will benefit from additive manufacturing.

New Technologies, new Solutions

The GF Casting Solutions 3D-printed demonstrator for industrial gas turbines was printed in a printing space as big as 500 x 500 x 500 mm and realized to an optimzed IGT solution thanks to our expert teams and certified manufacturing environment: 

Material Density Weight Volume
Alloy X 8.2 g/cm³ 29.7 kg 3626 cm³

The advantages: 

  • Extreme shapes: Hollow structures and very thin walls <1mm
  • Very complex shapes from thick to thin in one part
  • Topological optimization: reducing weight and material 
  • Conformal cooling channels in near net shape design instead of a straight line
  • Cost advantage through geometry and performance of the application and the reduction of process steps
  • Surface enlargement to achieve improved cooling of the component from the outside
  • Flow optimization on the surface with direct impact on air or liquid flow

Our expert teams and certified manufacturing environment are ready to realize your 3D-printing challenge. Learn more abut the IGT Demonstrator and our AM-Offer on GF Casting Solutions´ Website.