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A customised 3D printing system for your applications

An innovation in industrial 3D printing: the modular and freely configurable and expandable Wizard 480+ printing system combines a highly precise and very stable frame with a new - patent-pending print head technology for continuous fiber printing.

Tool changing system

An innovative tool changing system allows the production of multi-material components and the optimisation of mechanical properties within a component (up to four printheads with different materials and nozzle diameters).


Continuous filament materials

The Wizard 480+ is unique in its ability to process continuous filament material (CFF). The printing of continuous filaments creates highly resilient lightweight composite parts. Printed carbon fibre has a tensile strength of over 1.060 MPa, a flexural strength of 720 MPa and this at a density of 1.4 g/cm³.

Besides continuous carbon fiber, glass fiber & aramid, the Wizard can also process endless metal wires. This makes it possible for the first time to manufacture components with electrical conductivity, integrated sensors and actuators in one process.


Polymer - Filaments

The Wizard 480+ enables the high-precision production of functional components from common FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) plastics such as PLA, ABS, TPU, .. and impresses with a large build volume (400 x 255 x 370 mm).

Due to the high temperature range (printbed 200 °C, printheads 500 °C), high-performance polymers such as PA-CF, PEKK, PEEK, .. can also be processed in high quality. 


Sintered materials

Another possible application is the processing of sintered materials such as: Titanium, hard metal, industrial ceramics, etc.


Modular and open system

The open material system of the Wizard 480+ results in a high material diversity, materials from third-party suppliers can be processed.

The high vertical range of manufacture creates a system for industrial 3D precision printing that guarantees high output through high utilisation.


Special solutions?

Offering and developing the best technical products and solutions is our claim and expertise. We are happy to address your specific requirements!