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All AM process steps from a single source

Admantec offers you all process steps up to the ready-to-install additively manufactured component from a single source. As part of the August Manser Group, we can offer everything from consulting over development and production to post-processing in-house.

You would like to use the opportunities of additive manufacturing and simplify your value chain?

Admantec is at your side at every step of the manufacturing process from consulting to post-processing! The company convinces with its unbeatable know-how and the possibility to use all resources of the August Manser Group- e.g. the access to the extensive software portfolio of Sedax or the machine park of August Manser AG.



Admantec can advise you in the following areas:

  • Screening of the existing components and identification of potentials
  • Consulting in the application of additive processes
  • Redesign and optimization of the process chain(s)
  • Advice in the selection of the most suitable technology
  • Project management (technology introduction, development projects)



During development, component functions are optimized and designed using the Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) approach. In particular, the requirements of the subsequent machining steps must also be taken into account at an early stage, for example clamping during reworking.

A real paradigm shift towards DfAM (design for additive manufacturing) must take place during development. We advise and support you in this demanding technological change with the methodical approaches:

  • Design for additive Manufacturing (DfAM) and
  • Design for Lean Six Sigma (DfLSS)

If helpful for the project, we can use the extensive know-how and software portfolio of our subsidiary Sedax, a leading engineering service provider.


Additive manufacturing

Based on the CAD data, the component is first prepared for production. For this purpose, the technology parameters are defined in a postprocessor, the position and position of the component in the installation space is determined and the exposure layers are generated.

The raw part is then assembled in layers automatically by the machine.

The excess powder is then removed from the components and separated from the construction platform outside the machine. After the support structures have been removed, the actual finishing work is carried out.



Additive manufacturing belongs to the group of original moulding processes. The built geometries are rarely directly applicable.

Therefore, the additively manufactured components usually have to be subjected to further process steps for the specific application. Typically, these are thermal treatments, mechanical processing or surface treatments.


We carry out these process steps for you and deliver ready-to-install and tested components.

In addition, we also take over assembly operations and can thus supply ready-to-install and tested assemblies.

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