Automated collet cleaner

The automated collet cleaner is an innovative solution to avoid chip marks in serial parts during unmanned production and thus to guarantee the desired part quality.

The situation at the beginning:

During automated production, chips occurred on the counter-spindle of one of our turning centers, a Nakamura NTY 3-250.

In unmanned production, chips can get stuck in the collet chuck, which can lead to rejects if ignored. The target was to eliminate this potential source of scrap.

The solution:

Various solution scenarios were discussed in the team. A proposal was favored where the collet chucks could be cleaned using coolant nozzles.

After a hand-drawn sketch and subsequent digitalisation using CAD, the proposal was presented to the project team. With a few changes it was decided to produce a prototype. After preparing the CAD data, the first part was produced on an EOS M290 and then combined with a turned part.


The first test was immediately successful. The tool is now used as a tool on the holder and automatically cleans the collet chuck before each workpiece transfer. This eliminates the problem of indentations on the production part. The process is fully implemented and runs autonomously.

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