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Components for laser melting machines

Becker AG develops critical components for 3D metal printing: Gas circulation blowers for homogeneous protective gas atmospheres, heat exchangers for constant installation space temperature and other. Learn more about how these components contribute to high-quality Metal 3D printed parts.

Becker components for successful metal-3D-printing

Becker is a leading international manufacturer in the field of vacuum and compressed air technology. We also apply our know-how and decades of experience in the field of additive manufacturing. We offer the following components for laser melting machines in particular:

  • Gas circulation blowers for homogeneous protective gas atmospheres
  • Heat exchanger for constant temperature in the installation space
  • Blower for pneumatic conveying of metal powder


The great importance of gas circulation blowers, heat exchangers and filters in additive manufacturing

In selective laser beam melting, the inert gas atmosphere and maintaining a constant temperature in the installation space represent essential challenges for the production of high-quality laser melting components.

The importance of the protective gas atmosphere quickly becomes clear when you look at the process: Nitrogen or argon are used as inert gases. In addition, metal splashes and smoke produced during the melting process must be removed. Because they could affect the already fused component areas, the powder bed and the laser beam. The process gas therefore flows parallel to the powder bed. Here our gas circulation blowers generate the required flow. The design depends on the size of the system, the installation space volume and system pressure losses. The filters through which the process gas flows gradually become clogged. In order to keep the gas flow constant, Becker blowers are adjustable.

In addition, our gas-tight heat exchangers ensure constant temperatures in the installation space. This is particularly important in processes with high laser power. Furthermore, our blowers are used for the pneumatic conveying of metal powders.

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