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Conformal Cooling: Design & Production

BSF Bünter AG desings clever cooling systems for your mold inserts, paying attention to optimal heat transfer, flow conditions and the production restrictions of Additive Manufacturing. Benefit from our know-how for the best possible results in injection molding!

You want to achieve an especially uniform and fast cooling of your plastic injection molding part? Your existing mold shows hotspots or causes too much warpage?
The mold inserts with conformal cooling of BSF Bünter AG can help!

As already known to many of the industry, conformal cooling in additively manufactured molds can significantly reduce warpage and cycle time. But what do you need to have an eye on when drawing such tempering channels?
BSF Bünter AG has specialized itself in this field as one of the first Swiss service providers. So you can send us the (apart from cooling) fully designed 3D data, and we're going to do the drawing work of the cooling channels. In the process we incorporate all our know-how from mold design, heat conduction and flowsimulation, and of course the production restrictions of Additive Manufacturing.

After consultation with you, we produce the inserts with an offset for milling, harden it, and you can finish the printed part as you're used to it from conventional molds.


Did we gain your interest? Then just contact us by e-mail, phone or directly at our booth C2079 in hall 2 of the Swiss Plastics Expo 2017.



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