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Design for AM - Lightweight with structures

Parts with a lower weight lead to lower prices. But without routine and professional software tools, design optimization is a really time-consuming process. The key is outsourcing! Just choose one of our standard structure and profit!

With Additive Manufacturing (AM), you can produce very stable lightweight parts. That's already commonly known. But design optimization is not only worth it for those lightweight applications: The more material is saved, the faster your part is built and the costs per piece reduce to the minimum.

Unfortunately, these design optimizations without routine and professional software tools is a really time-consuming process.

Take the chance and benefit now from the partnership between BSF Bünter AG and BioStruct GmbH. Just send us your 3D-files along with your chosen structure code (for example 2B), get our offer and exploit the full potential of Additive Manufacturing to the best price!

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