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Thanks to their digitalized design, AM parts and products are ready for production in the workshops of tomorrow. Smart Factories promise highly optimized production flow and assure quality .

By mastering design rules and tools, we help you to maximize the benefits of additive manufacturing

Optimization: Advanced design tools and the freedom native to AM design makes highly optimized parts and products possible. Perfecting mass, volume, eigen modes, or thermal conduction make a real difference when performance is decisive.

Streamlining: Product complexity can be drastically reduced by merging several parts—even dozens—allowing substantial cost savings and increased reliability.

Adding new, built-in functions increases end products’ added value.

  • Integrated power and signal routing: by printing electrical wires inside structural metallic parts, CSEM’s patented and proven technology opens the door wide to the design of parts featuring advanced, built-in functions such as sensors.


  • Integrated mobile parts based on built-in printed flexure elements can replace ball or friction bearings, guaranteeing infinite motion lifetime, even in harsh or stringent environments (space; corrosive; ultra-clean).


  • Heating or cooling channels can be integrated into mechanical parts—a significant asset when a part has to be thermalized (molding industry; vacuum technologies).

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