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DLP Drucker from BURMS powered by MiiCraft

BURMS offers high-quality, modern and efficient DLP printers for all requirements - from desktop printers with a 2K projector to stand-alone versions with a 4K UV source. High precision, large construction fields and outstanding performance with up to 4cm / h - fast, precise and inexpensive.

Unlimited applications: whether in prototype construction, for jewelery, dental or hearing aid applications, research or industry - DLP printers from BURMS are established in all areas

Robust and designed for 24/7: high-quality UV LEDs according to current industry standards ensure stable processes and a long service life

Simple processing - fast and safe: thanks to the supplied software for data preparation and process monitoring, simple material change and removal of the components

Construction areas with up to 255 * 235 mm² (Advance series) and resolutions from 30µm (Prime and Profession series): print what you want - in dimensions never before achieved

Amazing details and surfaces without material binding: use the material from BURMS (MiiCraft), choose from the range of our partners or your own material

Commissioning, service and maintenance from a single source: training and customer care - not a phrase at BURMS, but an ISO 9001-certified company policy

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