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Engineering-Workshop Additive Manufacturing

Discover the potential of 3D printing technology in your products by attending our Additive Manufacturing engineering workshop. After this workshop, you will understand the basics of 3D printing technology, be able to identify possible applications and take concrete steps.

Engineering Workshop Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing offers you entirely new opportunities and the associated increase in competitiveness in a rapidly developing market.

This workshop will provide you with all the necessary and relevant information so that you, too, can exploit the potential of 3D printing technology for your products.


After the workshop...

  • you will understand how modern additive manufacturing works.
  • identify 3D printing applications in your products/assemblies
  • you can capture the technical and economic potential of the technology


This workshop is for:

Specialists and managers
Technical managers, development engineers, design engineers, technical purchasers or production and logistics managers



  • Understand the basics of 3D printing technology
  • Understand and apply design fundamentals
  • Recognizing the potential of technology and
  • Identifying application options in your area of responsibility
  • Creating an action matrix for concrete steps and actions


Duration and investment

1/2 day, CHF 600 per participant incl. documents


Workshop moderators

Martin Graf - Additive Manufacturing Expert

Martin Graf is co-founder and CEO of Admantec AG. He is an industrial engineer with over 40 years of professional experience. As CTO and COO of manufacturing industrial companies, he has promoted and implemented processes and innovation both technologically and organizationally. He also heads the Additive Manufacturing Division at Swiss-Engineering.


Kevin Wetter - Mechanical Engineer at ETH Zurich

At Admantec AG, Kevin Wetter is responsible for process development, engineering and the support of customer projects. During his training at the ETHZ as a mechanical engineer with a focus on process engineering, he gained valuable experience in handling additive technologies. This allows him to support projects with his broad expertise and to develop effective solutions.


Do you have questions about the workshop or would you like to register? Then we look forward to hearing from you.

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