Experience sport in a new way with additive manufacturing

ASB GlassFloor stands for innovation in the world of sports. With the help of additive manufacturing, the company produces the most modern flooring system on the market. Like a chameleon, the floor adapts its illuminated pitch markings to the respective sport.

The innovative company ASB relies on individual advice in additive manufacturing for the development of customised and fascinating hall floors. Each floor is perfectly adapted to the architecture of its environment and has a variety of specific components. 

No distractions mean total concentration on the game. The lighting technology underneath the playing surface leaves no unanswered questions about which court is currently being played. But the products go far beyond a visual effect. For example, in addition to an unprecedented comfortable playing feeling, the glass shelves offer superior robustness compared to classic materials. A specially developed ceramic coating provides the players with support and safety against injuries in case of falls. Thanks to the targeted use of additive manufacturing, the hidden lighting technology plays in harmony with the clear and uncluttered appearance of the glass floor in terms of form, function and material.