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Expertise for industrial additive manufacturing

Our training programme covers a host of seminars that communicate the quality-related aspects of am. The programme addresses all target groups, promoting across-the-board awareness of the special features of am covering a wide variety of company areas.

Acquire the expertise and skills you need to get you fit for high-end serial production. As a thirdparty training institute, we examine your expertise and ensure that you are familiar with the special features of AM production processes, take the standardisation of materials and processes in your company into consideration, and incorporate AM throughout your entire product development process. We thus enable you to offer your customers a consistent level of high quality.


Who benefits from our training programmes?

  • Designers: developers of AM components need to consider production-based characteristics. Unlike working within established production methods, designers of AM components need to explore new approaches.
  • System users: users of AM systems need to keep pace with market changes, and stay up to date on the progress and performance of new methods in additive manufacturing.
  • Machine operators: achieving high levels of quality requires care and attention, particularly in additive manufacturing, to ensure these often sensitive systems are operated correctly. Given this, operators need to be familiar with the manufacturing method in question, while additionally considering further aspects such as health- and safety-related issues.
  • Quality managers and production managers: quality assurance requires in-depth knowledge of all sources of faults typical in additive manufacturing.


Your added value

  • Gain competitive edge by demonstrating your qualifications and skills to your customers and project partners.
  • Become an expert in sustainable design and optimisation for quality projects.
  • Learn how to use and control quality and management techniques more efficiently, including the complex process chain of additive manufacturing.
  • Ensure compliance with health and safety requirements and gain the necessary knowledge for establishing a culture of continual improvement.
  • Define roles, skills and competencies more clearly to ensure more transparency and standardised communication throughout the process chain.
  • Identify the numerous quality-related factors influencing the additive-manufacturing process, in order to minimise your risks.


 Seminar Target group Content Duration

AM Use Case Qualification and Business Model Creation

  • Designers
  • Quality and production managers
  • Product developers
  • Innovation managers
  • AM basics
  • Selection of AM-suitable products
  • Roadmap for an AM-conforming business model
 1 day
Testing of AM Materials
  • Material experts
  • Quality testing personnel
  • Test methods for feedstock and fabricated components
  • Test standards
 1 day
Order Processing in Additive Manufacturing
  • Procurement and sales depts. in AM companies
  • Legal experts
  • Order processing and the required exchange of information
  • Standardisation
  • Legal handling of orders
 1 day
Risk Assessment/ 3D Printing in Medicine
  • Manufacturers in the medical industry
  • Quality managers
  • Approval experts
  • Risk analysis and assessment for additive manufacturing
 1 day
Health & Safety
  • Quality and production managers
  • AM machine operators
  • Introduction to AM-focused occupational health and safety
  • Overview of the relevant standards
 1 day
AM Standards
  • Designers
  • AM system users
  • Quality and production managers
  • Introduction to AM standards
  • Implementation recommendations
  • Introduction to occupational health and safety
 1.5 days
AM Design Validation
  • Designers
  • AM system users
  • Quality and production managers
  • Design for manufacturing
  • Design verification and validation
 2 days
AM Quality & Production Management
  • Quality and production managers
  • AM standards
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Technology-specific sources of error
  • Quality management for AM
 2 days


Participation criteria are initial experience in additive manufacturing-related areas and it's ideal for the two-day seminars to have technical expertise. The programms will be offered in different languages.