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Gear Configurator - wear-resistant plastic gears

The Advantages: configure individual gear in 60 seconds, ready to ship in 3 days, cost savings up to 40%, involute toothing according to Standard, no tooling costs, no Elaborate reconstruction, individual tooth module from 0,5 mm.

Are you tired of wearing plastic gears too fast? Then use 3D printed gears of high performance plastics of iglidur® I6. 


Laboratory tests have proven: The gears are still functional after a million cycles of rotation. Unlike their milled polyoxymethylene (POM) counterparts. They were worn after 312,000 cycles in the test, the teeth were dull and finally broke after 621,000 cycles.



3D printed gears are economical. An example: gears with a diameter of 12 mm and a depth of 16 mm cost in a edition of 100 pieces, € 1.70 per piece - a milled equivalent of the competitor costs € 2,80. The general rule: The more complex the geometry and the smaller the series, the greater the price advantage of 3D printing. Why? Because the 3D printer requires plastic powders and a CAD file with the gears digital blueprint for its work. Expensive special tools, elaborate molds and long preparation phases are redundant.A cost saving that igus® passes on to its customers.