High-precision realization of complex designs and patterns

DWS Systems designs and manufactures high-precision 3D printing systems for prototyping and fast - also industrial - production. The fine-beam laser enables complex productions that would not have been possible without the DWS 3D printing technology.

DWS - Innovative partner of 3D Chromos

DWS Systems - an independent, northern Italian family business - is a partner of 3D Chromos and exports 80% of its production to more than 60 countries worldwide. Since 2007 the company has filed more than 250 industrial, technological and design patents. The products printed in SLA manufacturing process help customers to reduce both their new product development times and their operating costs. 

Stereolithography - or SLA for short - is a high-precision 3D printing process that can be used to create particularly filigree structures and smooth surfaces. SLA parts deliver the highest resolution and accuracy, the highest level of detail and the smoothest surface of any 3D printing technology.


Precision at its best - jewellery and watches

DWS has printed a number of models for the realization of a necklace in 3D (see picture no. 1). The object is a twisted plotting spindle, consisting of four sides that are slightly turned and perfectly match the original design. No further processing is required after 3D printing.

This model cannot be realized with a traditional production method. The special string and the small thickness of the model require a high 3D printing resolution.

After the cleaning process and a UV curing cycle, the models were placed on a casting tree and cast directly.

The models were produced with Fusia DC400 material and the 3D-printer DW 029J. The printer has a building platform of 110 x 110 cm.


Impressive - bracelet with reinforcement system and telephone holder

Erse is a bracelet that can be used both as a fashion accessory and as a phone holder. (picture no. 2)

It has room for a reinforcement system and its design is reminiscent of the surface of Herse, one of Jupiter's moons, from which the designer was inspired.

Its smooth surface with an irregular mesh pattern requires maximum precision and attention to detail. A DW 020X 3D printer with Invicta DL 390 material was used for this. This printer is also ideal for prototypes and concept models.

After printing, the model was removed and washed in a water-alcohol solution for two minutes and then cured for 20 minutes. The supports were removed manually so that no further surface finishing was necessary.

Designer: Alice Barki


Bicycle helmet - high wearing comfort thanks to unique texture

The bicycle helmet designed by Zin Design (picture no. 3) is particularly ergonomic, comfortable and safe. The alternating solid and hollow texture makes the bicycle helmet lighter and visually more appealing.

The prototype was printed with the 3D printer DW 030X and with Invicta DL380 material.

After printing, the model was washed in a water-alcohol solution for two minutes and then cured for 20 minutes.

No post-processing was necessary - except for removing the supports and polishing.

Designer: Zin Design

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