Showcase AM Expo 2019

Improved bayonet mount

The new design of the bayonet mount enables an easy mounting combined with very small size. The part can only be produced additively.

For the present, the user company wants to hold back its name and the picture of the component, because the final product is not yet available on the market. Nevertheless, the project is perfectly suited as showcase, to demonstrate the possibilities of 3D-printing of metal at BSF Bünter AG.

The main reasons for the additive production were the small design space and the further processing. The female receptor of the bayonet mount gets inserted in a plastic part at plastic injection molding. Because the female receptor of a common mount contains a keyway, this keyway would be filled with melted plastic. This problem could be successfully solved in the improved, additive implementation.

Already more than 500 pieces of this components were produced, and as soon as the end product is available on the market, the estimation is 1'000 - 1'500 parts per year.

Image license: Creative commons Attribution License 2.5 by lainf.