Product AM Expo 2021

Increased Productivity with Multiplate & Multilaser

Benefit from a longer machine runtime with the Multiplate option. With the Multilaser option, you also enjoy a productivity increase of up to 80 % and maximum flexibility for customer orders.

Quickly handle order peaks with the Multiplate option and benefit from longer machine runtime without operator intervention. This is achieved by the optional insertion of up to four substrate plates in the build cylinder, which allows the substrate plate to be changed automatically without interrupting the LMF process. The machine software provides support fully automatically when the first build job ends and the subsequent job starts. Finished build jobs are collected in the overflow bin.

You can also use the Multilaser option for maximum productivity: two 200 W TRUMPF fiber lasers (wavelength 1,070 nm) expose in the build chamber simultaneously and generate up to 80 % more parts in the same amount of time. This enables you to achieve faster parts availability and maximum flexibility for customer orders.