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Innovation workshop: Adoption of additive manufacturing

The realization of this potential of additive manufacturing is challenging. In our Innovation Workshops, we answer together four key questions for a successful start with the technologies.

Additive Manufacturing (AM), also called 3D printing, stands for several different technologies, which produce parts directly from digital 3D models. With AM, new and so far not possible applications can be realized. Therefore, the technologies have large potential for innovation.

However, the realization of this potential is challenging. Our innovation workshop supports you to understand the potential and challenges by answering the following 4 questions:

  • Why: Which value should be created through AM?
  • What: What parts should be additively manufactured?
  • With which technology: Which technology and material are suitable for your parts?
  • How: How can the required knowhow be built up? Which research institutes could support you?

Internal workshops

We are happy to look into these questions together with your team at your site. Typically, 5 – 10 people from the functions engineering / product development, procurement, product management, management / leadership take part in the 3-hour workshop. Thanks to an interactive part, in which ideas for your own AM-projects are developed, you take away clear next steps to move the topic additive manufacturing forward.

Get in contact to discuss the possibilities of an internal workshop


Public workshops

The workshops are also held in public evening events (without an interactive or company specific part). Please get in contact regarding the next dates.

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