Product AM Expo 2021

Liquid Crystal Polymers - New High-Performance AM Materials

Nematic 3D Printing - high-precision end-use products for the harshest application environments: 10x stronger than PEEK - 250°C heat resistance - inert material properties - 25 µm part precision.

At NematX, we design and manufacture novel high-performance materials and AM processes to reach both, precision and performance levels required for industrial manufacturing.

With our Nematic 3D Printing technology, based on proprietary liquid crystal polymer (LCP) materials, end-use parts with currently unmatched performance become feasible:

  • 10x stronger than PEEK
  • > 250°C heat resistant
  • 25 µm part precision
  • high chemical & biological inertness

We serve customers across different industries - including electronics, precision mechanics, vacuum & chemical, space or medical.

Visit our booth at AMX 2021 to find out more!