Service Highlight

Modular certification for industrial AM systems

With the "Industrial AM System" certification, a transparent benchmark of AM machines is created, which enables advantages for the machine manufacturer as well as the end customer.

Investment decision for AM machines

The basis for the industrial success of additive manufacturing is based primarily on the technological lead and economic efficiency of available AM machines. However, the investment decision of the future user for AM machines is often accompanied by technological concerns. Especially in the industrial environment, the high expectations of additive manufacturing systems often deviate from the actual performance.


Transparent benchmark

With the creation of a transparent benchmark on the basis of modular certification of AM machines, suppliers and users will be guided more safely to their goal: The integration of AM systems into industrial production. In the corresponding modules, the high demands placed on the machines are tested with regard to the following:

  • Safety
  • dependability
  • ease of use
  • interconnectivity
  • reproducibility


Minimize investment and technology risk

This test program offers established AM machine manufacturers the opportunity to have the industrial suitability of their machines verified and to communicate it independently to the customer. Up-and-coming AM machine manufacturers are offered the opportunity to prove their process capability before the first contract is signed. For the end customer and user, the investment and technology risk is minimized by the choice of certified AM systems.