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One-stop shop experience in the 3D world

Whether you want to visualize your idea as a digital 3D model, digitize a real object or print your own 3D file: My3dworld offers you a one-stop-shop experience and invites you to dive into the fascinating world of 3D printing with us.

One-stop shop experience in the 3D world

My3D World offers you competent advice for your 3D printing project. Our employees use not only the most modern techniques but also years of experience.

As a one-stop-shop in 3D, you will find a complete solution from one source. We combine design, prototyping and manufacturing under one roof and save you time and money.


The complete range of 3D printing services

  • 3D consulting: We advise you to help your ideas jump into reality. No matter whether you are a layman in handling the innovative and modern technology of 3D printing or whether you have already had the opportunity to deal extensively with it.
  • 3D-Scanning: Ideas based on already existing objects can be digitized with modern 3D scanners and modified or improved on the computer.
  • 3D constructions: We turn your idea into a digital 3D model on the computer, from which you can not only calculate photorealistic images of your design but in combination with 3D printing you can produce a finished prototype.
  • 3D printing service: We print your products in 3D from a variety of materials. Perfectly matched to your requirements and needs. Upload your models to our website and we will make you an offer.


Do you have any questions about an idea or a 3D project? The my3Dworld team will be happy to advise you. We look forward to hearing from you.


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