Online gear configurator– configured in 60 seconds

Construct a gear without aid? This takes time and does not always promise the best results. You can do it faster with the online configurator from igus®, which has recently been used to construct double gears.

Fast to the perfect 3D-model

The online configurator enables the construction of a simple gear or a double gear in a few seconds. The designer simply has to select the appropriate tooth module and set the number of teeth and torque transfer. The configurator uses this data automatically to create the 3D model of the gear with perfectly modeled involute gearing, ensuring smooth and consistent running. 

In a few hours to the 3D-printed gear

As time-saving as the online configuration of the gear is the 3D printing process. A 3D printer from igus® produces up to 3000 gears a day by fusing plastic powder with a laser. Milling takes up to several weeks to produce special gears. The production of small gears is also cheaper with 3D printing. Gears with 12 mm diameter and 16 mm depth cost 1.70 € per piece (100 pieces). A milled pendant costs 2.80 euros.


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