OptiCool - Automated design of conformal cooling channels

During a KTI-project, BSF Bünter AG has developped an innovative software tool, that automatically generates conformal cooling channels within a very short time (-90%). Flow and heat conduction are constantly simulated and the channels get optimized for the best possible results.

In the injection molding of plastic parts, the quality and the price are largely defined by the tempering of the tool. With additive manufacturing of metal, the cooling channels can be cleverly twisted around obstacles and directed to critical hotspots. But such complex channels require a lot of time and know-how during the design process. And no one has the money or time to do a full simulation, analysis of the results and optimization of the cooling channels anyway.

BSF Bünter AG has tackled this problem in cooperation with the NTB Buchs University of Applied Sciences and the mold maker Noventa Tooling AG.

By using OptiCool, customers can now benefit from the following advantages:


  • Reduction of time and cost of design up to 90%

  • Optimal course of the channels out of several hundred possibilities

  • Cooling system with simulated heat conduction and flow

  • Cost-effective comparison with existing cooling, already in the development phase

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