Optimum inert gas circulation in 3D printing

In the additive production of metal parts, the right protective gas atmosphere is of great importance for the final quality of the printed 3D metal components in an optimal generative production process. Becker can provide a homogeneous protective gas atmosphere here.

Protective gas as an elementary requirement in 3D metal printing

The protective gas atmosphere is an important prerequisite for additive production in order to meet the required quality standards. The big challenge is to avoid oxidation during 3D metal printing, because oxidation products would render the finished product unusable. Metals such as iron or titanium can also react with nitrogen at the temperatures that occur. In the case of aluminium, nitrogen is sufficient as a protective gas due to the low melting point.

It is therefore very important that the laser melting process takes place in an almost oxygen-free atmosphere.



Solution for homogeneous protective gas atmosphere

One solution to this challenge is the gas-rolling blower from Becker. It ensures that a constantly homogeneous protective gas atmosphere is generated. This ensures that the additive manufacturing system functions perfectly and high quality parts can be printed. Individual adaptation to changing process conditions is also possible here.


Advantages of the gas-rolling blower:

Efficient inert gas circulation
Prevention of oxygen entry à no loss of valuable protective gas
Optimum adaptation to changing process conditions through control by means of frequency converter.


Joint development process

Our customers particularly appreciate the close cooperation with us. We not only supply high-quality components, but also develop individually adapted solutions together with you and our know-how from decades of experience.

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