Plastic injection mold with optimal conformal cooling system

Conformal cooling systems in plastic injection molds lead to a higher quality of the plastic product in a shorter cycle time. This results in a higher quality product at lower cost.

PLASTON AG, headquartered in Widnau SG, is an innovative and worldwide operating injection molding producer. The company offers amongst other products high-quality plastic packaging solutions. These 4 million cases per year provide protection whilst strenghening their brand, for example for drilling machines.

The aim of this project was to replace the current plastic injection mold for a suitcase lock with an additively produced mold. Because only in this way, the water pipes can consist of intricate, parallel channels, which run close to the surface, and also don't have any eddy water or recirculation areas.

The biggest challenge for BSF Bünter AG consisted in the service of design and simulation. The cooling channels had to effect a uniform and fast cooling, at the same time, they had to comply with all the manufacturing constraints. The first design was optimized by simulation and finally produced by LaserCusing.

Thanks to this conformal cooling system, the cost dominant cycle time could be decreased tremendously and the plastic part got cooled down much more uniformly. The effect was an injection molding part of higher quality and lower costs at the same time.

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