Precision drive of a prototype plant

The assembly serves as the mechanical heart for driving a prototype system for the additive manufacturing of wear-resistant carbide materials with the special requirement of a micrometre-precise centric drive.

The term rapid prototyping is usually associated with the production of a model or an initial component using additive manufacturing methods. However, when planning the product presented here, our developers went one decisive step further. The aim of the development task was to produce a complete system for the additive manufacturing of bodies made of wear-resistant carbide materials. For this purpose, the mechanical components of the print head were largely created in a 3D printer.

A coaxial linear drive with a positioning accuracy of a few µm and the use of small and light electric drives were considered a basic requirement for achieving the required precision, rigidity and speed of the system. A high reduction ratio, freedom from backlash and maintenance-free operation are achieved through functional unification and the targeted use of optimised materials. The whole thing in a form that can only be created by generative manufacturing methods.

Anyone who wants to experience real design freedom in the development of new products should no longer be bound by the limitations of existing production technology.