Prototypes for Airbus Helicopter with X400

The world's leading helicopter manufacturer Airbus relies on the X400 3D printer from German RepRap to produce prototypes for windscreen wipers quickly and cost-effectively in comparison to conventional methods.

Wiper prototypes for helicopters from the 3D printer

To reduce high development costs to produce functional models, Airbus Helicopter now uses the X400 3D printer from German RepRap. Airbus has thus been able to test the functionality of windscreen wipers. After a computer animation was created, gears, levers and shafts were printed as prototypes. Subsequently, threads, bearings and sleeves could also be installed in the 3D model afterwards.

The rapid development of prototypes makes it easier for the helicopter manufacturer to check the functional interaction in a much earlier development status than previously possible. It also enables Airbus to quickly and cost-effectively demonstrate a presentation model to its customers instead of using a simple CAD drawing.


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