Quality inspection in digital form

On behalf of a customer, an impeller was printed using the hot lithography process. Subsequent changes requested by the customer led to an adaptation of the CAD data. Only thanks to the CT could the internal channels of the component be checked for absolute permeability, shape accuracy and structure

Printing of an impeller in hot lithography process

In the present case, we printed the impeller shown in the picture by hot lithography on behalf of a customer. The customer had high demands on the quality of the component. The material had to have a high temperature resistance. In addition, it had to be ensured that all channels were free and that the shape accuracy was maintained.


Subsequent adaptation of CAD data

The customer supplied us with CAD data, which we used to create a print job. After the component was printed, we qualified it in-house using computer tomography. The evaluation led to subsequent change requests on the part of the customer, so that we changed and adapted the CAD data accordingly.

The printing, which was now done with the new data, received the final customer approval after a further qualification by means of CT. In this case, it was only thanks to computer tomography that we were able to check the internal channels for absolute permeability.

Most efficient measurement method in digitized form

With industrial computed tomography we are able to test additively manufactured components for dimensional accuracy, shape accuracy or defects in the structure. It is the most efficient measuring method in digital form.