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Rapid Tooling / Prototype Mould

Our prototype mold solution was especially designed for the production of prototypes and small pilot series, from 200 to thousands of plastic parts. Similar to series one, the robustness, mechanical properties and manufacturability information are similar.


Inspired by traditional molding technologies, our solution was specially adapted for rapid prototyping and low-volume production. The prototype mold (or rapid tooling) uses the principles of series molds, but the conception is simplified and accelerated. Our rapid tooling method consists of standard interchangeable metal mold bases and customized aluminum core and cavity inserts. We will then inject the molten polymer (thermoplastic material) into a mold under high pressure.


Advantages and applications:

The rapidity of a prototype with the quality of an injected part. Our technology will enable to lower the cost for the production of small series in the ‘right material’ (up to -60%). It is ideal for rapidly testing your concept without sacrificing the quality of the part. You will obtain viable information (mechanical, aesthetics, assembly, manufacturability) on the final parts produced with a series mold. We will have your parts ready to be dispatched from our factory to anywhere within 2 to 3 weeks.


Why Prototech Asia:

A specialized subsidiary of the French company Unimold Asia, our goal is to supply affordable, high-quality custom prototypes and low-volume production parts seamlessly. Our factory and offices are located in China near Shanghai. Our project managers usually respond within 24 hours, and you can receive your first parts in a very timely manner.

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