Rapid tooling & vacuum casting: Client FAQs

Are you looking for a profitable way to produce prototypes and small series quickly and cost-effectively? Prototech Asia specializes in rapid prototyping and delivers answer to your most important questions for the successful implementation of your projects.

Vacuum casting: Exact reproduction of master models made of plastic in small series.

Vacuum casting is a widely used casting process for fast and cost-effective duplication of master patterns/prototypes. When is it worth using this process? Which materials are available and which possibilities does vacuum casting offer me? We will answer these and other questions in the following lines.

How to obtain ‘close to the reality parts’?

With the vacuum casting technology, we use resins (PU similar ABS, PC, POM, PMMA etc.) that enable to produce functional parts with good mechanical properties.


How to obtain close to the reality parts without having the budget for injection tooling?

By vacuum casting we are able to produce functional small series of plastic parts in the ‘right material’ in a very short delay and at a relatively lower price.


I need my parts in a very timely manner, what is your production delay?

We can usually produce up to 50 parts in 5 days. The delay will depend on the part properties and the finishes needed.


What tolerance can I get if I produce my parts by vacuum casting?

It will depend on on the dimensions and geometry of vacuum cast parts, casting material etc. Usually the tolerance for parts produced by vacuum casting will range between +/- 0.15mm.


Can the vacuum cast parts be used outdoors?

The manufactured parts can be UV resistant, have a high temperature resistance, food grade compliant etc. We will use different types of resins according to the final application environment and context.


With your rapid tooling solution, how many parts should I produce to make it profitable?

We usually recommend using our rapid tooling solution for series ranging from 200 to 1000+ parts. Smaller series can be achieved if your part cannot be manufactured by other means of if you require very specific materials.


What is the life span of your rapid tooling solution?

Our rapid tooling solution will be efficient up to 1000+ parts, according to the part properties and the injection material.


What materials are available?

We work with all typical injection materials (ABS, PC, PP, PA66, PEEK, POM, PMMA etc., and materials blends).


I need a specific material, could you supply it?

We work with selected local suppliers. If the material is not available or if you want to supply us with the material, you can directly supply us. 


What is the price difference between series mold and rapid tooling?

The rapid tooling will be 40 to 60% less expensive than a series mold. Compared to a silicone mold, it can be up to 10 times higher.


I have limited knowledge in plastic processing, how to be sure that my parts are doable by injection molding?

Our project manager, along with our design department team, will first perform a part analysis. We will then inform you of potential and required modifications of your 3D design.


How long does it take get my first injected parts?

We will need 2 to 4 weeks to manufacture the rapid tooling, then we can dispatch your first parts from 3-4 days.    


I am satisfied with the parts produced with your rapid tooling solution and now would like to go for large scale series production. How long does it take?

Usually 6 to 8 weeks to manufacture a series mold. It will indeed integrate more functions (precise alimentation and guiding, advanced temperature regulation etc.) to deal with long-term production runs. Our parent company Unimold Asia, which specializes in series mold manufacturing, will accompany you in the process. 


Can you guarantee that the mold will remain our exclusive property?

We are committed to keep the mold in our factory and will be destroyed when the production is fully completed.


The production of small series or prototype parts made of plastic is our core business. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are glad to assist you in your planned project. 

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