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SLM®280 Product Series

The SLM®280 Selective Laser Melting machine provides a 280 x 280 x 365 mm process chamber and patented multi-beam laser technology optimized for production.

This third-generation system focuses on increased robustness and consistent performance available in several configurations: single (1x 400 W or 1x 700 W), dual (1x 700 W and 1x 1000 W) or twin (2x 400 W or 2x 700 W) optics. Multi-laser systems can achieve build rates 80% faster than single laser machines. In addition, the patented bi-directional powder recoating decreases manufacturing time further by reducing the number of passes required to lay fresh powder during a build.

The SLM®280 enables the manufacture of complex metal components based on CAD data for series production with individual parameters. As an open system, there are many options for optimizing production processes with custom set process parameters, when required. Comprehensive quality assurance modules, such as Laser Power and Melt Pool Monitoring, are available for process documentation and transparency.

A clean process chamber is essential to successful builds with acceptable mechanical properties. The SLM®280 production model is equipped with a safe Permanent Filter Module. This solution not only maintains a clean process chamber, but increases filter life, eliminates the need for complicated filter cartridge changing and decreases the longterm cost of ownership by eliminating the need to purchase replaceable filters. The Permanent Filter Module results in consistent process conditions that ensure optimal build quality.​

The optimized inert gasflow efficiently removes soot from the build chamber, ensuring excellent process conditions. Flowing through a sintered chamber wall, the enhanced gas flow creates constant conditions at the work surface as well as protecting the beam entry glass from contamination to not hinder the lasers. The efficient inert gas circulation not only creates a clean process environment, but also reduces gas consumption, an important operating cost.



The PSV features a 90-liter tank sufficient for any production process and eliminates the need to fill powder via individual powder bottles. An integrated ultrasonic sieve processes the powder just before feeding it to the machine, ensuring no oversized particles or foreign objects find their way into the SLM® process. The transport of powder between the PSV and the SLM® machine is fully automatic and carried out via vacuum technology.​

The PSV uses three independent routes to convey powder. In addition to supplying freshly sieved metal powder to the SLM® machine, a second route returns the excess powder from the overflows back to the sieve. The third conveying route uses a manual suction device in the process chamber to remove the excess metal powder after a build and conveys it directly back to the PSV. Powder transport, sieving and storage is contained within a closed-loop, inert gas atmosphere. Moreover, the powder is transported via steel pipes to ensure uncontaminated powder quality. Contactless powder handling ensures maximum operator safety.

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