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SURFAST®: a new dimension of surface machining

SURFAST® is processing of free-form surfaces and edges with abrasive fluid jet. With SURFAST®, the following tasks can be carried out efficiently: cleaning, deburring, stripping, polishing, compacting.


The unique feature of this technology lies in the way the SURFAST® additives are accelerated. With SURFAST®, the blasting medium is mixed at ambient pressure in a tank.

This mixture is brought directly to working pressure by means of a SURFAST® pump and then directed to the workpiece with a special nozzle. SURFAST® works in a closed cycle. This means a considerable saving in resources.

Depending on your requirements, we vary the material of the solids so that you can use the system to efficiently carry out the following tasks: cleaning, deburring, stripping, polishing, compacting. 

You save time and money.
You achieve a higher quality.
You reduce the environmental impact.

The consumption of resources (abrasive, fluid, etc.) is minimized by a closed circuit. Solids and the fluid are collected in the catch basin, filtered and returned to the system.
SURFAST® works with low pressure from 20 bar up to a maximum of 150 bar. The solids are located directly in the fluid jet and are much more effective at lower pressure than conventional jet systems.
There is considerably less dust and noise in the application.
You do not need a special room or a screen. 

Less material consumption
Less energy consumption
Less noise emissions

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