Showcase AM Expo 2019

Swiss Premier GBN Mechatronics: KUMOVIS R1 FLM 3D printer

Celebrating 30 years of experience GBN Systems now presents a premier: The KUMOVIS R1 bases on Fused Layer Manufacturing procedure. Using adjustable temperature controls and reproducible processing of nearly all melting plastics is enabled.

Specialized on the engineering and production of mechatronics solutions the Bavarian device creator GBN Systems guides Start-ups and industrial companies during the transfer of innovative developments. Based on its 6-step support cyclus customer ideas  are broad to serial maturity and are international executed in production.


New showcase with Swiss Premier 2019:

In medical technology and industry often materials are used that are certified for specific applications. In order to match material requirements and reproducability in medical technology and industry KUMOVIS has developed the R1

The new temperature management enables growing use in industrial context. On the one hand a broad spectrum of materials such as PC, PEI or PEEK can be printed on one single 3D print system. On the other hand the compared to other procedures more affordable FLM Processing improves profitibility. 

For industry partners this shortens times in research and development bases on the manufacturing of close to series functional prototypes containing of original materials. Also small quantities in high design creativity can be made in material critical areas. 

GBN Systems supports KUMOVIS in the development and production of the KUMOVIS R1.

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