TAKATA Plas Tec GmbH prints prototypes with German RepRap

By purchasing the German RepRap X1000, Tacata PlasTec was able to significantly reduce the development costs and production time of prototypes. And the printer enables them to produce large parts, such as door control systems for trucks, in one piece.

Rapid and Low-Cost Prototyping

TAKATA Plas Tec GmbH has so far had prototypes produced by external service providers in STL and SLS. In order to find a cheaper and faster alternative and to meet the challenge of producing complex parts for customers, German RepRap X1000 was purchased. With the help of the 3D printer, it is now possible for TAKATA PlasTec GmbH to reduce production lead times by several days.


Newly won possibilities in the specification of concept studies

Due to the impressive build volume of 1000 x 800 x 600 mm of the X1000, large prototypes, that have been very expensive and time-consuming to produce, can now be printed in one part. TAKATA PlasTec GmbH has thus greatly expanded and improved its offer for its customers. For instance, the German RepRap X1000 enables door control systems for trucks to be printed as prototypes based on individual, detailed designs and being tested afterwards.


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