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TruPrint 3000 - Laser Metall Fusion Printer of Trumpf

The TruPrint 3000 is a universal medium-format machine with industrial part and powder management, designed for flexible series production of complex, metal components using 3D printing. The large build volume also enables a high degree of partial flexibility.

In the field of additive manufacturing, the company offers the laser technology laser metal fusion (powder-bed-based laser melting). The TruPrint 3000 is a universal medium-format machine with industrial parts and powder management for flexible series production of complex metallic components using 3D printing.


Application Fields

The TruPrint 3000 is ideally used for general industry applications. Components can be flexibly arranged in the large build area of Ø 300 x 400 mm. The TruPrint 3000 is ideal for use in job shops when combined with the industrial part and powder management.


Powerful TRUMPF laser

The TruPrint 3000 is fitted with a 500 W fibre laser from TRUMPF with a wavelength of around 1,070 nm. The focal diameter, which can be individually adjusted between 100 and 500 μm, means it is possible to react very flexibly to various component requirements.


Benefits of the TruPrint 300 at a glance


Large build volume Ø 300 x 400 mm

  • The large build volume enables high part flexibility
  • The machine has a large internal powder store so that even when the full build volume is used, no powder refilling is necessary during the LMF process


Integrated interchangeable cylinder principle

  • The TruPrint 3000 system has quickly replaceable build and powder supply cylinders
  • Cylinder setup and powder removal for build jobs can therefore be performed parallel to the LMF process. This reduces idle time and non-productive time and increases the productivity of the 3D printer


Industrial part and powder management

  • You are provided with solutions for all things relating to the TruPrint 3000, for the entire additive manufacturing process chain
  • It is enabled a setup and powder removal on one or more machines, all parallel to production
  • The central components of the sieve station, powder removal station and powder silo provide the basis for series production on an industrial scale


Industrial software and monitoring solutions

  • The software solutions guarantee a continuous data chain. Thanks to intelligent monitoring solutions, the LMF process can be monitored, analyzed and remotely controlled


Modular system for your TruPrint machines

  • All industrial part and powder management components can be combined as part of a modular system
  • You can combine the ideal machine and components to ensure reliable powder and parts handling in your specific industrial production scenario


Our service for you 

Whether in selecting the perfect solution, its efficient application, or with additional issues related to fastening technology, at KVT-Fastening, customers receive comprehensive support.

For KVT-Fastening, solutioneering means offering customers long-term experience and maximum development and materials expertise - in conjunction with innovative spirit, project reliability, and planning ability


Visual Online Support (VOS)
85% of queries are solved easily and competently without the need for field deployment, through innovative service solutions such as Visual Online Support (VOS). With the app, you can exchange image, sound and video files securely and in real time . Using this we can provide more focused support, making your machine available again quickly. Benefit from our network of trained service engineers around the globe and our 24/7 spare parts service.


Expert application consultation
Do you have questions about how to produce a specific component on the TruPrint 3000 in a cost-effective and productive manner? Working together with you, the TRUMPF experts develop tailored solutions for your specific additive manufacturing application. Simply get in touch to arrange an individual meeting.


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