Product AM Expo 2019

Uddeholm AM Corrax - Corrosion resistant metall powder

Uddeholms AB developped a corrosion resistant powder named AM Corrax, that prove a hardness comparabel to 1.2709 and excels with its outstanding polishing.

In order to exploit the full potential of Additive Manufacturing, the choice of the right powder in terms of the demands on the tool plays a central role. In the field of plastic mold construction, corrosion resistance is added. Uddeholms AB has developed a powder with the AM Corrax that meets these requirements and gives the user a decisive advantage compared to most other AM powders.

Highest corrosion resistance

The established Uddeholm Corrax already captivates as a bar or block, due to its excellent corrosion resistance. This was completely adopted in the development of the AM Corrax and has the same properties as the conventional material and is thus more corrosion resistant than the standard steels commonly used in plastic mold making. (see image)

Excellent processing properties

The manufacturing process and the quality control carried out in the Uddeholm powder laboratory guarantee uniformity in the size and shape of the powder grains. The achievable hardness and the homogeneous structure ensure excellent wear resistance and excellent polishability. In addition, the correct finishing of the workpiece achieves a porosity comparable to conventionally produced tool steels. This provides ideal surfaces for highly demanding tool applications. (see image)

Uddeholm AM Corrax offers the prerequisites for producing perfect tools in the field of plastic mold making. Now it is up to you to take advantage of this!