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Vacuum Casting - Silicone Mould

The ideal solution to produce ‘close to the reality’ functional, aesthetic plastic prototypes and small series. 10 to 200 plastic parts, 4 to 12 days.

Efficient duplication of plastic parts

Vacuum casting or silicone molding is a rapid prototyping technology that enables the duplication of plastic parts from a master model (usually obtained by CNC milling or SLA). The raw material is mixed and injected into this mould by suction in a vacuum bell jar. The cast part then hardens in an oven for 30 to 40 minutes before being removed from the mould. The silicone mould can be reused several times, which results in significant economies of scale from 10 parts. 


Repeatability and speed

The parts obtained by vacuum casting are visually and mechanically very similar to series injection parts. This technology is suitable for both rapid prototyping and low volume plastic parts production (fewer than 100 parts). The repeatability and speed of this process are indeed advantageous, because only 5 to 7 days are needed to produce 30 to 50 functional prototypes. Silicone mould will be relevant for undercuts, flexible parts (adjustable shore) or even insert molding.


Why Prototech Asia?

Specialized subsidiary of the French company Unimold Asia, our goal is to seamlessly supply affordable high-quality custom prototypes and low-volume production parts. Our factory and offices are located in China near Shanghai. Our project managers usually respond within 24 hours, you can receive your first parts in a very timely manner.