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Wizard 480+: The additive machine tool

The AM-System Wizard 480+ enables you to manufacture with CFF (Continuous Filament Fabrication) and FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) as well as their combination for components of 400x300x400 mm. The device offers 4 changing stations, an open, flexible material system and water-cooled print heads.

The "WIZARD 480+" combines several innovations:

Tool changing system

  • Enables the use of up to 4 different materials or print heads within one production process
  • Due to the precise and powerful motors, a tool change can be carried out within 5 seconds (travel distance 450mm)

Continuous fibre materials - CFF

  • Specially developed and patented technology for processing continuous fibres such as: Carbon fibre, aramid, glass fibre, copper wire, etc.
  • The turning radius is minimal, i.e. the fibres can be laid in parallel.

No restrictions - FFF

  • We offer different FFF - print heads, which are adapted to the most different requirements
  • ABS, PLA, TPU, ...
  • PEKK, Carbon Fiber PA, ...
  • Chrome steel, titanium, ceramics, ... (for sintering)
  • Open material system, no restrictions on the use of third-party filaments

Water cooled system

  • All printheads are water cooled
    Constant and effective cooling helps print accuracy
  • Optimised parameterisation; optimal processing of the filaments enables a high quality print image

Stable construction

  • Particularly stable gantry construction
    Minimal vibrations help with absolute accuracy as well as repeatability
  • Easily accessible build area for optimal handling
  • Precise and accurate motors for fast and exact movements


  • Simplify3D incl. post processing for continuous fiber components
  • The designer determines where and how many fibres are to be laid
  • No restrictions by the software
  • Free parameterisation of the materials


  • All print heads are easily interchangeable
    various expansion stages are also optional or can be retrofitted
  • Each Wizard 480+ is customised to the specific requirements of the customer

Made in Austria

  • Conceived, designed and built in Austria with our own precision components and specially tested parts to ensure the highest quality

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