Service Highlight

Worldwide Technology Monitoring

Every month we publish the latest publications with innovations on the topic of advanced manufacturing in all important industries worldwide. Benefit from this professional technology monitoring.

The comprehensive documentation on the subject:

  • 52 monitored countries, including the United States and China
  • 18 technical areas and applications
  • 22 specially monitored companies
  • More than 300 innovations per month


Be vigilant!
Anyone who wants to get involved in this technology would do well to look after patent publications, on the one hand to protect themselves against possible lawsuits by property right holders and on the other hand to protect their own assets or to simply learn about the progress and the players in this industry inform.
Professional monitoring
Regular monitoring of the vast amount of published patent information in the field of 3D printing technology is not easy and takes a lot of time. With more than 50 years of experience in technology monitoring, we at CENTREDOC, therefore, offer you a "turnkey" service with the following advantages:
Monthly, worldwide and automatic monitoring of new patent specifications.

Classification of information by type (machine, process) and application.

The titles and summaries of the patents are translated into English regardless of the original language.

Storage and forwarding of alarms on a secure monitoring platform.

Access to additional information (PDF, legal status).

No implementation or configuration required, an internet connection is sufficient.