3A - Advanced Additive Applications


3A is a pioneer in metal additive manufacturing for the production of complex titanium parts using the Electron Beam Melting technology.
Through our in-depth knowledge and process expertise, we provide our customers with technical economical solutions and assist them in the implementation of AM for industrialization of their products

3A - Advanced Additive Applications is a processor/service provider

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Manufacturer (OEM)

Preferred Industries: Aerospace, Medical

NOGENT, France
Office & Production
Contact Person: Pascale SCIROCCO

Rue Lavoisier
528000 NOGENT
Offering of processor/service provider
3A - Advanced Additive Applications offers services in the following areas:
Data generation processes
- 3D Scanning
- Reverse engineering
3A - Advanced Additive Applications produces parts with the following technologies:

Primary forming

Electron Beam Melting
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Chemical coating

Changing material properties

Hot isostatic pressing (HIP)
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Certification / Standards
- ISO 13485:2003
- ISO 9001:2008
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