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Becker AG is a worldwide leading manufacturer of vacuum pumps, compressors and systems. In additive manufacturing, we contribute critical components to machines: gas circulation blowers, heat exchangers, components for CO2 lasers and others.

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Components for Laser Melting Machines

Becker AG contributes critical components for laser melting machines:

  • Gas circulation blowers for homogeneous protective gas atmospheres
  • Heat exchangers for constant installation space temperature
  • Components for CO2 lasers

and others.

These components are essential for high-quality 3D printers to work. Thanks to our decades of experience and the know-how we have built up, we can guarantee the highest quality.


Finding individual solutions

We see one of our entrepreneurial strengths in offering tailor-made and innovative customer and product solutions at the highest quality level. The customer defines the standard for the quality of our products and services. That is why we are committed to the continuous further development of our products and processes, to individual customer requirements and to customer satisfaction.


Sustainable use of resources

For Becker, environment and energy are two essential pillars which take into account the sustainable use of resources over the product life cycle. Accordingly, the purchase of energy-efficient products which are intended to improve energy-related performance is supported. The basis for this is the fulfilment of applicable requirements / binding obligations, which from the point of view of the environment includes the use of energy, energy consumption and energy efficiency.


Head offices

Founded as Maschinenfabrik Gebr. Becker in Wuppertal-Barmen in 1885, the medium-size family enterprise, now in its fourth generation, already specialised in pneumatic systems and vacuums at the start of the previous century. With 2 DIN EN ISO 9001 certified production sites in Germany, 16 international subsidiaries and other commercial agencies, Becker is very well represented worldwide.

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