Learn about 3D printing: Different Applications

3D printing is great for the production of parts in small quantities: prototypes, support-parts, small series and customized parts. Click on one of below symbols to get to know various showcases.

Create value with 3D printing in your company

3D printing has two fundamental advantages over traditional manufacturing technologies. This allows to create value in your organization with several applications.

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Learn more about 3D printing technologies

3D Printing, technically called additive manufacturing, stands for a whole list of different manufacturing technologies. Selecting the right one is crucial to achieve the best result for your parts. We give a comprehensive overview over the different technologies (e.g. laser sintering, fused deposition modeling, stereolithography).

Learn about 3D printing technologies

Save on your 3D printing parts

Illustration of price compariso n in 3d printing Benchmarks show large price differences between different 3D printing service providers.

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