Use 3D printing for:

3D printing is great for the production of parts in small quantities: prototypes, support-parts, small series and customized parts. Click on one of below symbols to get to know various showcases.


3D printing has been applied for the visualisation of the product / part or in order to validate its functionalities.

Support Parts

3D printing has been applied to improve efficiency of traditional manufacturing, for instance through the production of tools, master patterns, jiigs, fixtures, drilling guides, etc with 3D printing.

Bridge manufacturing

3D printing is used to produce a first small series of the product in order to launch it on the market. Once demand for the product is raising, investments in tooling for traditional manufacturing are made.

Better products

By exploiting the design freedom of 3D printing, lighter, highly functional integrated and more efficient products can be developed. The higher costs of manufacturing are compensated trough enhanced value for the user or reduced operating costs.

More customized products

3D printing enables the achievement of component customisation, without incurring cost penalties in manufacturing. In this application fields, design of products is specifically tailored to the requirements of the user, and products are often manufactured in lot-size 1.

Cost-effective, fast or flexible supply chain

For certain applications (e.g. small series), 3D printing is the cheaper and/or faster option than traditional manufacturing. This is the main reason, why 3D printing has been used for this application.