DuraForm Flex (Plastic / PA flexible)

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3D Systems


Produce parts with the look and feel of rubber and thermoplastic elastomers. Rubber-like flexibility, good long-term stability. Gaskets, hoses, seals; athletic footwear; ear models. "Soft-touch", over molded grips. FlexSeal fluid infiltration for coloring and strengthening; Infiltration with a two-part polyurethane increases Shore A hardness, creates a watertight barrier, and enhances the burst strength. Chemical resistance: Material does not dissolve in hydrocarbons, ketones, ethers or alcohols, but may lose some mechanical properties. May swell in some solvents or solvent mixtures. Fully recyclable

State of starting material


Properties, applications and appearance

Field of application

Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Manufacturing

Chemical resistant

res. to organic solutions, solvent resistant, alcohol resistant, ether resistant, ketone resistant, hydrocarbone resistant

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Manufacturing process

Laser Sintering
Parts are built on a plastic powder bed by a laser/ lasers that melt plastic powder layer by layer. Synonyms: SLS, Selective Laser Sintering

Physical, mechanical and thermal properties

Mechanical Properties

ultimate tensile strenght: 1.8 MPa
initial tear resistance: 15.1 kN/m
abrasion resistance: 83.5 mg (per 1000 cycles)
tensile modulus (Young's / E- ): 7.4 MPa

Electrical Properties

volume resistivity: 1.3 ohm cm
surface resistivity: 1.1 ohm
dielectric strenght: 1,900 V/mm

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Data source: 3D Systems

ATTENTION: The presented values are provided by the material manufacturers and are only indicative. Realized material properties may differ from these value for several reasons. Additively does not guarantee the correctness of this information in any way.