CL 42TI (Metal / Titan / titanium)

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Concept Laser


Commercially pure titanium with heat treatment
Used in the manufacture of implants for the medical industry as well as in lightweight components for the aviation industry. One-off or series parts, e.g. functional components with an integrated cooling structure, bionically optimized functional components, bone foam with a bioanalog structure as bone replacement material, individual biocompatible implants or prostheses with a microcellular structure. Special heat treatment can produce a higher elongation on fracture. Shows a homogenous, dense structure.


ASTM F67 and ASTM B348 grade 2

State of starting material


Properties, applications and appearance

Field of application

Rapid Manufacturing

Bio compatible

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Manufacturing process

Laser Melting
Parts are built in a metal powder bed through a laser (or lasers) melting the metal powder layer-by-layer. Synonyms: Selective Laser Melting, SLM, Direct Metal Laser Sintering, DMLS, Laser Cusing

Physical, mechanical and thermal properties

Mechanical Properties

ultimate tensile strenght: 600 - 620 MPa
yield stress Rp 0.2%: 530 - 570 MPa
tensile modulus (Young's / E- ): 110,000 MPa
elongation at break: 15.5 - 20 %

Thermal Properties

thermal conductivity: 21 W/m °C
coefficient of thermal expansion: 8.9 per °C

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Data source: Concept Laser

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