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1zu1 Prototypen GmbH & Co KG

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1 to 100,000 plastic parts. 1zu1 offers "High Precision. Quick Solutions." The company from Dornbirn/Austria accompanies customers from a wide range of industries from the idea through the prototyping phase to the optimal series solution.

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1zu1 Prototypen GmbH & Co KG June 21, 2023
Best Practice

Artivion: Rapid solution for life-saving medical technology - 10,000 pieces in constant quality

Artivion is a “hidden champion” on account of its vascular prostheses and stent graft systems. 1zu1 was involved at every step from development to series production of the latest generation of Artivion’s “E-vita Open Neo” hybrid stent graft system. Injection molding production in the cleanroom.

AM Expo 2023

1zu1 Prototypen GmbH & Co KG June 21, 2023
Best Practice

STORZ MEDICAL Magnetolith | Magnetic impulses that combat pain: well-considered start with low initial costs

STORZ MEDICAl AG added Extracorporeal Magnetotransduction Therapy to its portfolio with its innovative MAGNETOLITH device. 1zu1 contributed around one thousand high-quality housings for the device’s applicator using vacuum casting – and enabled a gradual market launch of the product.

AM Expo 2023

1zu1 Prototypen GmbH & Co KG June 21, 2023
Best Practice

STORZ MEDICAL Masterplus | 3D printed space-saver for medical technology: single part for shorter assembly time

The handpiece of the shock wave therapy device MASTERPLUS is laser sintered and chemically smoothed. 1zu1 thus succeeded in further developing from a multi-part to a single-part 3D printing solution. It halves the assembly time and increases the air density by a factor of ten.

AM Expo 2023

1zu1 Prototypen GmbH & Co KG February 6, 2020

3D printing for perfect rubber and silicone parts

There are many good reasons why elastic materials are used: to achieve a specific function, a special feel or an unusual appearance to name just a few – 3D printing helps in a fast and precise way to manufacture components made of silicone and rubber.

AM Expo 2021

1zu1 Prototypen GmbH & Co KG February 15, 2018

Motorised vacuum cleaner nozzle: Accurate in every detail

New development of a vacuum cleaner nozzle, which could already be thoroughly testet and optimised during the prototype phase. A distinct benefit of 3D-Printing: Short time-to-market provides competitive advantages.

AM Expo 2019

Standards, Products, Services

  • S ISO 9001:2015
  • S AMQ Additive Manufacturing Quality
  • S Production of parts and assemblies
  • S Prototyping
  • S Small series
  • S Clean room production
  • S Industrial computed tomography
  • S Measuring, 3D scanning
  • S Consulting
  • S Consulting additive manufacturing
  • S Workshops
  • S Printing
  • S Training
  • S Milling, turning, grinding
  • S Additive manufacturing plastics
  • S Surface treatment
  • S Further post-processing, surfaces
  • S Rapid prototyping
  • S Indirect processes (vacuum casting, metal casting etc.)
  • S Printing, marking

About us

1zu1 Prototypen GmbH & Co KG 

1 to 100,000 plastic parts. Fast, precise, economical.

1zu1 offers "High Precision. Quick Solutions." The company from Dornbirn, Austria, accompanies customers from a wide variety of industries from the idea through the prototyping phase to the optimal solution - whether sterile-packaged injection-molded serial parts, highly filigree assemblies from the 3D printer, or elastic vacuum cast parts with perfect surface quality. And all this in the shortest possible time. With state-of-the-art machinery and 25 years prototyping know-how. Since 2022, 1zu1 has been a part of the Swedish Prototal Group. For 1zu1's customers, this means additional capacities and competencies.

1zu1 complies with numerous national and international standards and regulations with its processes and materials. The ISO 9001:2015 certificate guarantees transparency in operational processes and thus gives customers with zero-defect tolerance the necessary security. Computer tomographic measurements reliably reveal material inclusions, impurities, material distortion and shrinkage. ISO and clean room certifications of customer projects are possible at 1zu1 at any time. The high vertical range of manufacture of over 95 percent also guarantees that the data supplied by partners remains in-house and confidentiality is maintained.

1to1performance combines individual consulting with innovative solutions. The result: plastic parts that have repeatedly raised speed, safety and cost-effectiveness to the next level in recent years. And gave 1zu1customers a competitive advantage.